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Welcome to the popcorn hub! Here is the rundown of important information you need to know.

Important Dates

  • Aug 7 – Due date for initial order (popcorn received: Aug 26-28)
  • Aug 29 – Due date for Sep 3 replenishment order
  • Sep 5 – Due date for Sep 10 replenishment order
  • Sep 12 – Due date for Sep 17 replenishment order
  • Sep 19 – Due date for Sep 24 replenishment order
  • Sep 26 – Due date for Oct 1 replenishment order
  • Oct 3 – Due date for Oct 8 replenishment order
  • Oct 17 – FINAL order turn-in (popcorn received: Oct 29-30)

What popcorn are we selling?

We are focusing the majority of our energy on the four best-selling popcorn flavors, but any flavor below can be special ordered. Chocolate flavors will not be available until the temperature drops in October.

Many of these flavors will be available for you to sample at bridging.

How much do I need to sell?

We ask families to generate $100 worth of benefit to the pack through either fundraising or donation.

At a 30% commission rate, that would be $300 worth of popcorn. Therefore, if you want to get all of your fundraising out of the way, selling $300 worth of popcorn would meet that goal and no additional fundraising would be asked of you this year.

How hard is it to sell?

Many factors can affect this, so I can only speak from my personal experience (Cameron King).

  • Posting a cute video from the kids on Facebook and family chat rooms – $150 in online sales
  • Store front sales at a good location during a peak hour – $100-200 per hour
  • Wagon sales in the neighborhood – $100-200 per hour

Remember, you’re not really selling popcorn. You’re selling that cute smile on the scout’s face!

Earn Prizes and Celebrate!

Scouts will earn Amazon Gift Cards for selling popcorn, starting at $175 in sales. There are also grand prizes for Winner’s Circle sellers (over $2500), and we will have a Pack Popcorn Celebration during our October Pack Meeting.

1. Sell Online

Scouts have an online storefront that they can send to family and friends. Popcorn ordered online will ship directly to the buyer!

Each scout has a code. We will give you this code when your scout is registered to sell popcorn. You can also find this code in the scout/parent portal. (Check your email for a welcome message.) Lincoln’s for example is “SVMUVT”

The URL to Lincoln’s storefront then would be:

This link can then be shared over social media or via. text messages to friends and families.

2. Sign Up for a Storefront

Council has organized a sign-up for list for Albertsons, Tom Thumb, Cabella’s, and Bass Pro Shops. Take a look at the available dates and times on THIS PAGE, and let Cameron King know which slots you would like to reserve.

Please don’t sign-up yourself. There is a limited number of signups allowed per pack, So Cameron will need to re-arrange dates as appropriate to make sure we don’t take more than our fair share.

3. Sell-at-Home Bundles

We are offering two pre-made bundles, to help keep things simple for your family.

Please only take as much as you think you can sell in two weeks. We can always request more popcorn, but we can’t return any of it.

Half Bundle ($160 retail value)

  • 8x Classic Caramel Corn
  • 1x Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese
  • 2x Butter Microwave 16pk
  • 1x Cheddar Cheese

Full Bundle ($300 retail value)

  • 16x Classic Caramel Corn
  • 2x Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese
  • 3x Butter Microwave 16pk
  • 2x Cheddar Cheese

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