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Keeping Costs Low

We want every family to have the opportunity to participate in cub scouting!

Some costs are required…

  • National registration fee
  • Council Insurance

And some costs “just make sense”…

  • Patches and belt loops to recognize scouts for their hard work
  • Food and supplies for campouts and other activities

We try to keep overhead down as much as possible, so that we can focus on providing the best possible program to our scouts, at a price our families can afford. To do this, we try and minimize the “hidden costs” by doing some of these things…

  • A pack t-shirt and neckerchief is included with registration
  • Most of our camping supplies have been donated
  • We try to avoid expensive activities at the pack-level

After adding up all of the expenses, it costs approximately $16/mo per scout to deliver the scouting program.

  • $7.50/mo stays with the pack for program supplies and expenses
  • $7.25/mo goes to national and council for registration and accident insurance*
  • $1.25/mo pays for Scout Life Magazine

(* There is also a one-time $25 fee added to the first year of registration.)

We would be happy to share a copy of our budget with current or prospective Cub Scout families, and invite all families to participate in the annual planning conference where the budget is set for the year.

Paying Up-Front

Registration and dues are paid up-front for the number of months remaining in the current registration period. The number of months paid depends on what month you join:

  • January – 12 months
  • February – 11 months
  • March – 10 months
  • April – 9 months
  • May – 8 months
  • June – 7 months
  • July – 6 months
  • August – 5 months
  • September – 4 months
  • October – 15 months – paid through December of the next year
  • November – 14 months – paid through December of the next year
  • December – 13 months – paid through December of the next year


If a family chooses to participate in fundraising, future renewal costs, camping costs, and the costs to attend scout camps can be reduced or eliminated depending on how much is raised.

Are there any “hidden costs”?

Not intentionally, no. But there may be some expenses above and beyond annual dues. These activities are encouraged, but always optional. Examples include:

  • camping tickets, which are usually $10-15/person (to cover food costs)
  • food/drinks for parties or events (to be determined when planning the activity)
  • admission (zoo, etc) when a den goes on a field trip (to be determined by the families in that den)
  • uniform shirt and hat (this is optional, we usually wear our pack-provided t-shirts instead)
  • special council activities and summer camps have additional costs
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