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One-Pot Cookoff

Compete against your fellow Cub Scout families to be crowned the One-Pot Champion! The purpose of this activity is to promote awareness within the pack on creative ways to create easy-to-cook, appetizing meals with minimal cleanup (one pot and one mess kit).

Meals will be graded in multiple categories, and the dish that scores the highest total number of points will take home the grand prize: a complete micro cook kit including fuel, stove, and a pot for cooking.

Families can bring their own outdoor stove, pot, and mess kit, or they can borrow these items from the pack. See the rules for allowed stove types.


Take a look at the following links for some neat ideas.


  1. Families may enter more than one dish, but cooking is done as a family (none of our scouts are old enough to cook on their own)
  2. Bring your own ingredients
  3. The dish must be cooked on-site in 1.5 hours or less
  4. Families are only allowed to dirty the following items during cooking:
    1. One pot
    2. One fork
    3. One knife
    4. One spoon
    5. One plate
    6. One bowl
    7. One cup
    8. Food packaging
    9. Napkins/paper towels/rags
  5. Cook at least enough for three judges to have two bites each (plus whatever you would like your family to enjoy or to share with others)
  6. The stove should be one of these types that is commonly found at a Cub Scout campout:
    1. Propane (either 20lb or 1lb is fine)
    1. Isobutane/Propane mix (aka IsoPro, commonly used by pocket stoves/jetboil)
    2. White Gas (aka liquid Coleman stove fuel)

Grading Criteria

  1. Deliciousness (10 points) – Does the dish taste good in the judge’s opinion?
  2. Outdoor Spirit (5 points) – Does the dish inspire love for outdoor adventure?
  3. Cleanliness (5 points) – How difficult is the cooking area to clean when done?
  4. Cub Scouty (5 points) – How well could a Cub Scout cook this dish (with supervision)?

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