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Family Camp Fall 2021

Time & Location

We are going to Worth Ranch. The pack should plan to arrive at (or after) 6pm. (Don’t try to arrive early. If you get there before the Cubmaster… you get to wait.)

We are NOT car-pooling. Meet us there. Mineral Wells is your last opportunity to get fast food on the way.

Sunset is at 7:10pm. We will likely be setting up in the dark. That’s ok! Bring a flashlight, and we’ll all work together.

Our campsite is Old Man Gillespie, the first campsite on the right, directly across from the archery range. You cannot park in the campsite without permission. Plan to do this:

  • Pull up to the campsite.
  • Throw all your stuff on the ground.
  • Park in the marked parking lot.
  • Walk back to the site.

Packing in duffle bags or plastic containers might make this easier for you.


We will have branding available this campout. That includes the Worth Ranch camp brand.

The following items brand well:

  • Camp mugs
  • Ball caps
  • Nalgene bottles
  • Wood disks
  • Smooth dowel rod hiking sticks


  • Friday – High 95*F, Low 64*F; cloudy overnight; windy
  • Saturday – High 93*F, Low 65*F; clear overnight; windy
  • Sunday – High 92*F, Low 61*F; rain in the morning; windy

A Summer sleeping bag (rated for 40*F) or heavy blanket will be adequate for most people. You know your family, and if they get cold easily bring extra blankets.

For light rain, a light rain jacket or poncho will be adequate for most people.



  • 6pm – Beginning of campsite arrival and setup
  • 8pm – Small campfire and s’mores
  • 10pm – Lights out


  • 7am – Start preparing breakfast
  • 8am – Breakfast
  • 9am – Activity: Hiking sticks
  • 10:30am – Activity: Hike
  • 11:30am – Start preparing lunch
  • 12pm – Lunch
  • 2pm – Den time
  • 3pm – Activity: Leatherworking
  • 5pm – Start preparing dinner
  • 6pm – Dinner
  • 7pm – Light campfire, Branding
  • 8pm – Campfire ceremony
  • 10pm – Lights out


  • 7am – Start preparing breakfast
  • 8am – Breakfast
  • 9am – Scout’s Own Service
  • 10am – Clean up
  • 12pm – Exit camp by this time


We have a recommended packing list with it’s own page: Packing List. Everything you need, you already have at home. You can borrow a tent, and might also be able to borrow sleeping bags or a cot depending on availability. Talk to Cameron or Megan to make these arrangements.


Families can bring their own snacks, whatever you need for your family to be happy! Coolers are allowed. Families are strongly encouraged to keep food in a latching plastic container and move it into the trailer overnight.

Never bring food inside your tent! (Or else you may get ants and raccoons as roommates.)

Families are responsible for cleaning their own personal dishes. We will teach you how, but we expect families to do their own dishes. It would be great to include the scouts in this activity to teach them responsibility.

We will assign other kitchen duties when we arrive in camp.


  • Dinner – Bring your own or eat on the way
  • Cracker Barrel – S’mores


  • Breakfast – Breakfast sandwiches: english muffin, sausage, bacon, cheese, egg
  • Trail Snack – Trail-mix Activity
  • Lunch – Hamburgers, chips, cookies
  • Dinner – Chili, Fritos
  • Dessert – Cobbler


  • Breakfast – Sausage, Biscuits, Gravy
  • Lunch – Camp is over, eat on your own


We will have running water.

If you are sensitive to the taste of water, consider bringing water (or a water filter) for your family and limit sugary drinks. You will need to drink water constantly, more than you would at home. Even though it is Fall, we will enter the red zone during our most active times of the day. Scouts will need to drink a lot of water.

The chart below is for young adults, but will serve as a guide. Scouts should drink a quart of water every hour that they are active while in the red zone. In practice, this means drink constantly.

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We will have latrines available. These are not flushing toilets, so always close the lid when you finish to reduce the odor.

Depending on the style, there might be a male side and a female side, or a sign that can be flipped depending on who is currently using it. Always announce yourself. Youth and adults cannot be in the latrines at the same time, nor can males and females.

To give you an idea, they might resemble something like this:

Red Cedar Campsite Latrine | 3D Warehouse
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